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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Day 4

Alright, I know it doesn't look like much but if you pay closer attention to the front of this picture of the trailer, you will see something...or rather not see it...

That's right..look harder...damn it! The freight stop has been removed. Cut off with my trusty 4" small grinder and only two cutting pads! Course I'm still sporting the remains of the cold I had week before, cough is not exactly going away as we arrive at spring and every thing that can is spewing pollen into the air!

I'm exhausted again, so that is it for today. Next up, gotta figure out how to remove half of the decking. Damn boards are held down with the oddest screws I've seen. They have a square shape to then, not a hex, not a star...but a darn square. Anybody recognize this and know where I can go to get the tools to remove them?

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Day 3

Sorry folks,

I'm way behind, I've not been remiss, I've just not had anything to report. Since my last post we received a few well intentioned storms (were still in a major drought), and I've had a back condition flare up, followed by a bug that had me out for nearly two weeks.

So figure a good 6 weeks lost. I was starting to go a little loopy with all that down time, even the cats were beginning to tire of my company. Anyhow, today I was determined that I would in fact spend what ever amount of time it took to get the blasted trailer level.

A level trailer is of course the very building block of a very straight, or rather, perfectly square building. So with my newly purchased 20 ton jack, 4 very heavy concrete pilings, a collection of bricks, assorted left over scraps of lumber and my trusty level, I spent the better part of four hours getting it done.


Next on the agenda, removal of front freight safety stop, and then half of the deck boards. This is critical and must be done prior to the subfloor framing.