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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Day 8

Well, it's been 8 weekends, an odd assortment of afternoons, and I've come to conclude a few things...

My muscles have well and truly atrophied from a lifestyle almost completely bereft of strenuous physical activity. I had a conversation with them after my afternoon shower on Saturday, I promised them protein, but only if they allowed me to move long enough to go to the store. 

With great protestation, they allowed for this one last action, and with every pothole from here to Fircrest, they provided great pains to remind me how ridiculous it was that I'd decided to build an entire house...tiny though it may be. I told them to shut up, and expect more of the same.

Saturday had started with me immediately realizing that I'd miscalculated the number of 4x4's I needed. Bother and damn! By my fresh calculations, I needed one more 10' and two more 8' lengths to complete the extensions. Seems my brain has atrophied some too, because I was short soon to be 4 sets of connection hardware. 

The day had ended reasonably well, with the longest left side extension completed. It looked pretty damn good, and I only ruined one carriage bolt in the process.

Sunday began with me trying to make more out of the $150.00 I had in my checking account. I was out of some staples...cream for coffee, and the cat food was getting dangerously low. How could I get the missing hardware for the extensions, the cream, the cat food and still make it to Friday with some money in the bank? After some hasty calculations, I was off to Friedmans, and back having spent not quite $50.

That done, I began to assemble the right front side of the extensions. I had originally planned to simply cut the 4x4's in sections to accommodate the trailers welded rail inserts, but then I wondered how hard could it be to make plunge cuts into the material? If I could do that, I would still maintain a good deal of the 4x4's integral strength. Turns out it was not easy with the tools in my possession, so earlier in the week, when I still had money...I bought yet another man toy.

Let me introduce you to my new best friend...the DeWalt 20 volt oscillating multi-tool! Oh yeah, much easier to make those plunge cuts now. :)

NOTE: Not all universal blades are...universal.

Long story short, I'm more than half way done with the trailer extensions, they look great, any any doubt I had about their strength, has vanished entirely.

Take a look at the left side...

...and the right side.

Back end's get done this weekend, along with some badly needed weed eating. :)